Hi there!

This post will be written mostly in english, as it's a test result for Knitting in France who has non french speaker followers.

Hope my french readers won't mind ^^

So do you know her? No? How is it possible as she's doing a lot of beautiful yarns - to knit, to spin - and lovely jewels and useful markers. You will find more there and there, because I will only speak about her markers today !

En plus de faire de magnifiques laines, elle fabrique aussi tout plein de jolis marqueurs bien pratiques, ainsi que de jolis bijoux. Allez donc faire un tour chez elle ici ou ici pour tout découvrir, car dans ce post, ce sera marqueurs !


Up: the one to test,

Down left: some more I got previously, and down right: needle holders (cute, don't you think?)


So the test is mostly for knitting markers and some of them can be used for crochet works.


Let's start with the holders!

Really really useful, if you have several knits on needles at the same time or if you travel with your knits, so the stitches won't run away from the needles. Also they are so cute!


As you can see, you can use them with 2 or more needles.

So lovely and useful, right? Don't you want to start few new projects just to use them all? Because I want to :p


Next !

You will find these ones better for lace pattern or really loooong row (like 200 or more stitches) or in shawl, raglan... to not loose count:



Simple, nice and again useful !


If you like knitting socks, you will love them all! Actually they are good for every piece of knits you do :)


Keep track of how many pattern repeats, beginning of new round or part of the socks (cuff, heel, turn heel, toe...)

Also if you work on circular, instead of DPN, you will know easily where you are.


I like these ones to keep count of increases / decreases, or short rows, or simply the number of rows as I don't like to count them (like put one every 10 - 20 rows):

test marqueurs_124331


Here is for counting decrease rows


For crochet, I use the one below, for beginning of row, to keep count of number of rows or new part of the pattern.



I actually really like the one on the up left picture, because they are thin enough to enter into the tight stitches, as I crochet amigurumis (so crochet really really tight).

I use the last one (yellow on the last picture) as a stopper, so the stitch doesn't run away while I don't crochet or when I travel with it.


As I said, lovely cute and useful! If you are like me and always have few projects at the same time, you can't have enough markers and holders! right? Hope you found it interesting and it inspired you to go and check her blog and shop. She made a lot of beautiful things! And she is really nice :)

What you are still doing here! Well thank you for reading this post and your patience with my English ^^

And Bogga (aka Knitting in France): Thanks again for letting me test your markers ! Hope you will continue to have a lot of inspiration to make such nice stuff !


xo xo